Q. Why did you create this book?
A. In a way, the book created itself. Without an agenda and solely going on intuition, the process began subconsciously the moment I first started shooting the photographs in 1978.

Q. What do you mean by that?

A. It wasn't about verbal thinking. While shooting the images, I had no intention of creating a book. In retrospect, it was only later on that I realized the same themes and interpretations relating to women kept emerging.

Q. How do you go about selecting the elements that make up your imagery?
A. I am an admitted flea market, garage sale, vintage and antique shop junkie. While on the hunt, the props and wardrobe that speak to me are usually those that emanate a feeling of foreboding. Accepting and believing in my gut reactions leads me to draw on this sense of unease in setting up my tableau.

Q. When and how did you select the accompanying quotes?
A. All images were complete before I started researching the quotes. I spent nine months, a good gestation period, curled up on my sofa reading and searching for hours at a time. This was a very intuitive process. Sometimes I had the image in mind that would go with the quote and other times I would just set it aside as though it was a prop to include when I sensed the connection. I had many more quotes than those that made it into the collection, which made the editing process a tremendous challenge.

Q. Who is this book for?

A. It is a fine art photography book with a limited first edition which would be of particular interest to collectors of fine art volumes. It is also a photographic essay devoted to the roles women play in society, highlighting unreal expectations, misconceptions, fairytale beliefs and surrounding myths. The originality does not lie in the themes but in the interpretation of feelings and realities. It is both soulful and wry and I believe it has a unique perspective that speaks to the emotions and thoughts of women of all ages.

Q. Why is this book relevant?
A. I am not looking to justify my art but now that the book is complete I can see more clearly where I was going. Again, it was a very intuitive process which took on a life of its own. My hope is that it provides a voice for women past, present and future. By exposing fairytale beliefs, it reveals a truth and awareness about the roles women play in society.